Wastewater Engineering

Baker & Associates has a long history of work in Wastewater Engineering. We can inventory and evaluate your existing systems, provide wastewater alternatives, and perform the necessary engineering, design, and construction oversight to ensure a successful project.

We work along side the wastewater operators on the front lines of protecting our local waterways and water supply aquifers by making sure that wastewater is handled in an efficient and responsible way. We are also very cognizant of the operational cost of wastewater treatment.

Baker & Associates designs wastewater systems to comply not only with current requirements, but with tomorrow’s requirements as well. By mixing proven methods with innovative technologies, and using the latest computer resources, we offer affordable and practical solutions that will last for your foreseeable planning horizon.

Treatment facilities are often a City’s biggest energy user. We look at the long term operation of your facility to find the most effective solution in in reference to both capital costs and annual maintenance.

System needs can vary depending on age, capacity and growth and size of the community. We work with our clients to plan immediate and long term improvements to public systems to prepare for upgrades and expansion of the system.

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Wastewater Services

Wastewater Master Plans
Wastewater Rate Studies
Wastewater Collection Systems
Collection System Rehabilitation & Replacement
Lift Stations
Wastewater Lagoons
Wastewater Irrigation Systems
Mechanical Treatment Design
Septic System Design & Permitting
Funding Research

Recent Projects

Scottsbluff WWTP Improvements & Expansion, 2010
Chadron New Activated Sludge Plant, 2010
Torrington Prison Headworks, Outfall Main, Lift Station, 2010
Melbeta New Complete Retention Lagoon, 2011
Dunning New Complete Retention Lagoons, 2013
Crawford New Activated Sludge Plant, 2013
Madrid New Complete Retention Lagoons, 2014
Yoder Expansion of Complete Retention Lagoons, 2014
Western Sugar Outfall Flume & Diffuser, Aeration Basin Lining, 2014
LaGrange Collection System Rehab & Replacement, 2015