Testing & Inspection

Baker & Associates provides a variety of testing and construction observation services that are used as integral components of construction projects we manage but are also used by outside entities as independent testing services.

The value of on-site presence and local availability
Construction administration is critical with any project. Traffic control, minimizing any interruption of service, and coordination with the client and affected agencies are critical elements to make sure the construction process runs smoothly. Our staff has a very hands on approach to construction. We are able to be present during all critical construction activities to provide assistance, coordination, and documentation for our clients.

Another advantage to our team is that travel costs and overhead costs for construction time is minimal. We understand the value of time spent during construction. More time on site helps the project to run effectively, reduces the risk of problems for the owner, and helps to identify potential problems or conflicts early before they cause delays or cost increases.

Testing & Inspection Services


ACI Certified Concrete Testing Services
Baker & Associates provides certified concrete testing services for both our in-house projects and for outside entities. We currently have eight employees certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) that are available to conduct on-site concrete quality control testing, including one employee certified for both field and laboratory testing. Utilizing ACI certified testers insures that the methods used to verify that the concrete complies with the contract requirements are consistent between projects as well as being consistent with accepted test methods used nationwide. We provide both on-site field testing and in-house laboratory strength tests of concrete cylinders.

Soil Testing Services
Baker & Associates can provide soil compaction field testing services using nuclear density gauges to determine compaction and moisture results. We have nine employees that are trained and certified in the use of the nuclear density gauges.

Environmental Site Assessments, Phase I and II
We can provide both Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for projects requiring such services. Phase I services include contacting governmental agencies, past owners, reviewing available documentation and providing a written report. Many governmental agencies and banks now require a Phase I review. Phase II services may include additional investigations including test drilling and soil sampling.

Site Reports & Documentation
Baker & Associates staff are trained to properly record and document all construction and field activities so that any problems or concerns can be traced back to the events of that day and the owner can be better protected against legal action and/or problems with faulty work. We have a system of formal reports and forms for each test as well as for field observations. We fill out a daily log of activities and track project pay items and scheduling typically on a weekly basis. For most projects we hold regular update meetings with the contractor and owner to brief everyone and address any questions or problems that may arise.

Well Monitoring & Testing
We provide well monitoring and testing for a our clients as well as summary reports, analysis, and documentation as needed to state agencies. We have two certified well technicians, and all equipment necessary for well monitoring and testing.

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