Surveying Services

Baker & Associates is a full service civil engineering, architecture, and surveying firm with the capability to provide a full range of services including initial conceptual planning, land acquisition and legal surveys, topographic surveys, as well as design, bidding, construction testing, and contract administration services.

Many of our surveying projects are in support of the Baker & Associates engineering and architectural staff, however, we do provide services for outside clients as well.

Our land surveying services are comprehensive from design topographic surveys and property/boundary surveys, to construction surveys.

Utilizing the latest equipment and software allows us to complete surveys and process data in a shorter time frame and provides a more accurate end product for our customers.

Our survey department has a vast range of experience in all types of infrastructure including rail, energy, highway, water, wastewater, and environmental services.

We have completed over 300 miles of high voltage transmission line mapping and construction layout.

We have completed wind farm projects with boundary and construction services for 307 wind turbines and over 80 miles of feeder lines and turbine roads.

We have over 15 years of highway right of way and construction layout project experience in Nebraska, Colorado and Montana.

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Surveying Services

Boundary Surveys
ALTA Surveys
Residential Lot Surveys
Subdivision Plats
Farm, Ranch, and Agricultural Surveys
FEMA Floodplain Certifications
Topographical Surveys
Utility Location Surveys
Engineering & Architectural Design Surveys
Aerial Mapping Control Surveys
Mapping, Right of Way & Construction Layout for:
-Streets, Highways & Utilities
-Building Construction
-Wind Farms
-Transmission Lines
-Oil & Gas Infrastructure
-Cell Phone Tower Sites

Recent Projects

I-80 Construction Layout
Cabela’s Residential Subdivision, Sidney
Stegall to Scottsbluff Transmission Line
Love’s Truckstops, Sidney, Burlington
Verizon Cell Tower Sites Statewide
Madrid Wastewater Lagoons
Dunning Wastewater Lagoons
Crawford Wastewater Treatement Plant
Forrest Street Paving, Sidney
Oil Well Sites, Kimball County
Croell Redimix Platting