Storm Water & Drainage

Baker & Associates can provide services in storm water infrastructure including storm water collection systems, detention/retention systems, runoff treatment measures, flood plain management, and storm water modeling. Recently, runoff requirements for storm water; including restrictions for new development, construction, and existing areas are becoming more stringent and requiring cities to take measures to initially treat storm water or to take preventative measures to reduce the amount of pollution runoff to streams and rivers. Baker & Associates has worked with cities in designing and implementing measures than can help in this process to not only protect the city’s current interests, but to protect our water resources for the future.

Baker & Associates uses StormNET to model and analyze storm water systems and areas impacted by runoff . The software allows the engineer to examine various options of design and flood routing in order to most efficiently determine the best option for construction. The program can also analyze existing systems to point out problem areas, and identify potential improvements to the system. Additional features include options for storm water treatment, storage, and controlled discharge which can all be modeled and simulated in the program.

Baker & Associates prepares SWPPP plans (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans) for many developers, contractors and owners each year.  The permit involves laying out a plan for erosion control on construction sites or otherwise disturbed areas.  We can provide the necessary plan drawings, narrative, permit applications, and other documentation needed for state and local submittals during construction projects.


Storm Water & Drainage Services

Storm Water Runoff Modeling using StormNET
Master Plans & Drainage Studies
Development of Drainage Standard Practices
Retention/Detention Systems
Design of Collection Systems & Routing
Initial Treatment Options
Stream channel modeling
Flood Plain Management