Solid Waste / Environmental

Baker & Associates is a leader in the planning, design, and permitting of solid waste projects. We have developed custom programs for small and large communities and regional planning areas, offering complete civil and environmental engineering services in these fields. Our personnel have a broad experience base, addressing various customer needs.

Baker & Associates developed one of the first comprehensive solid waste management plans that specifically addressed the problems that arise in rural, sparsely populated, areas. The plan led to the design of a Subtitle D landfill, which took top honors in the Environmental E2 Division at the America Council of Engineering Companies national awards competition.

We have been involved in a number of feasibility and efficiency studies for various landfill operations in the area. Recently we completed the eastern Wyoming Regional Solid Waste Study which looked at the viability for regionalization of various communities compared to continued operation of smaller local landfills.

Baker & Associates has been a leader and innovator in the use of balers for small landfills in the region. When run properly, baler facilities allow a landfill operation to reduce the overall footprint and extend the life of the facility as well as improve sanitary conditions in and around the landfill by reducing blowing trash.

Additional improvements we have helped with include recycling plans, improvements to maintenance operations and daily cover, and overall efficiency evaluations.

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Solid Waste Services

Landfill Location and Design
Transfer Station Location and Design
Baling Facilities
Waste Management Plans
Landfill Licensing/Permitting
Transfer Station Licensing/Permitting
Recycling Plans
Rate Development

Recent Projects

Landfill(Permitting, Design, and Construction)
-Sidney, NE; Alliance, NE; Solid Waste Agency of NW Nebraska; Torrington, WY; TDS Environmental, WY; Lusk, WY; Fort Laramie, WY; E. Laramie County, WY

-Sidney, NE; Alliance, NE; Lingle, WY; E. Laramie County, WY

Solid Waste Planning
-Goshen/Platte County, Wyoming; Northwest Nebraska; S. Panhandle of NE; Benkleman, NE; Hyannis, NE; Dundy County, CO

-Sidney, NE; Alliance, NE; Solid Waste Agency of NW Nebraska; Torrington, WY; TDS Env., WY

-Lingle, WY; LaGrange, WY; Guernsey,WY

-LaGrange, WY; Scottsbluff, NE; Gordon, NE; Hay Springs, NE; Hemingford, NE; Rushville, NE; Guernsey, WY; Lusk, WY