Scottsbluff High School Bond Vote

Vote Yes For Scottsbluff High School

On November 4th residents of Scottsbluff will head to the voting booths to cast a vote in one of the most important elections the town has ever faced.  A bond measure will be on the ballot to finance a major renovation to Scottsbluff High School to bring the facility into the 21st century and provide a safe and conducive learning environment for the city’s students.

The 52 year old building currently has significant deficiencies that were brought to light when Baker & Associates/Studio 120 Architecture completed a full facilities assessment review of all the buildings in the Scottsbluff School District.

Among a long list of problems are decaying plumbing systems, lack of a fire sprinkler system, outdated and insufficient electrical systems, extensive roof replacements needed, multiple violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a building envelope with no insulating capacity, non-operational windows and doors that allow the elements to enter the building, overcrowded and outdated classrooms, and inadequate security measures including no single, secured point of entry and an outdated camera system.

Baker & Associates/Studio 120 Architecture has been involved in the planning for the proposed renovations for the high school.  If the bond measure passes, then 80% of the facility will be completely rebuilt or renovated to make the school modern, technologically advanced, energy efficient, safe and secure.

“It is essential that we stand together and support the proposed improvements at the Scottsbluff High School.  It is the single most important decision our community will make in this decade,” said Nebraska Senator John N. Harms.

Public tours of Scottsbluff High School are being conducted multiple times each week so that residents can see for themselves the current state of the facility and to see floor plans and artistic renderings of the proposed renovation.

For tour schedules and to learn more about the project visit the Scottsbluff Public Schools website or the Vote Yes for Scottsbluff High School website.

If you are a Scottsbluff resident, please make sure you get out and vote Yes for SHS!

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