3D Modeling of Chimney Rock

Working with Accustar Surveying, Baker & Associates completed a full ground scan using a total station spatial scanner as well as an aerial unmanned drone survey of the Chimney Rock National Monument.  The National Park Service was initially approached to prepare the total station ground scan, however, when the unmanned drone became an option it was included into the data gathering process.  The two collection methods provided us with overlapping data allowing a comparison of the accuracy of the aerial surveying and mapping while also producing record photographs of the current state of the monument.

Given the configuration of Chimney Rock its elevation is not easily obtained with several methods having been used through history.  These methods have ranged from the time honored method of comparing shadows to the technically advanced methods recently used.  The survey will serve as an accurate benchmark of the ongoing erosion of the monument for generations to come, and can be used to compare against historical photographs of the site.

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